Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday


Birthdays as you know are absolutely one of the special days in our lives, reminding us about how grateful we need to be for having successfully survived another year filled with lots of struggle and sadness, hope and happiness. And everyone celebrate birthdays throwing a confetti and joy and spending hours with family and friends. But to cut a cake and obsess over junk food and fancy deco every year is truly making it less special and stealing more from your wallet. Here’s few simple things you can do to make this day extra special and of course memorable.

Shower Your Mother With Flowers.

This passionately sweet idea to send flowers to you mom on you birthday and not her birthday is a slight twist to the tradition. Arranging for pretty orchids or flowers of her favourite kind to be delivered at her doorstep would give you the chance to shower her with love and make her feel truly special on your day. Think about it, after all she was the reason for your existence and truly deserves to be reminded of how much you love her.

Cross A Tick In Your Bucket List.

This day is all about creating memories to cherish for life and be bombarded with loads of fun and laughter. Start a new year with a fresh start and new beginnings. Overcome resistance and conquer your fears. Work on those audacious daring goals, do all things different and tick things on your bucket list you’ve always wanted to. Instead of a sweet sixteen party throw a farm animal party and spend an entire day with kids and pet animals. Ride in a hot air balloon or test drive your dream car.

Take a Day Trip.

Sometimes all you need to break away from the agitating assignments from work or the number of office mails flooding your phone is a solo trip. It might sound strange to spend your birthday with nothing but loneliness but spending some time on yourself, to appreciate where you’ve come and where you stand now by taking a trip to the country side, drive past an animal farm occasionally and watch the sunrise sitting on a rock above the cliffs maybe doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all.

Plant a Tree.

Now doesn’t it send you a spark of satisfying bliss to think about planting a tree and watch it grow as you grow? And what better day to do this than your birthday? This year don’t spend time planning parties but look for ways to perhaps plant trees, and give a splendid gift to the Mother Nature. By contributing to the birth of a new sapling, you’re doing something extraordinarily beautiful not only to your life but helping out so many, from birds to badgers and making.


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